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RESIST CONTROL- CESSATION 12" LP- Cessation: The fact or process of ending or being brought to an end. This LP contains 17 tracks of relentless musical pummeling while lyrically delving into the desperate confrontation between life's seemingly bleak reality and the disorientated view of the world from a paranoid mind. RESIST CONTROL carries on the Western NY tradition of creating underrated and uncompromising hardcore punk that pushes past genre exercises and forces the listener to actively lead instead of passively follow. At times, minds have compared RC to bands like NO COMMENT, CAPITALIST CAUSALITES, BASTARD NOISE, and more. Members of RESIST CONTROL have also created sounds under RUNNING FOR COVER, GAS CHAMBER, JOHN BROWNS ARMY, LIEUTENANT, HAIL MARY, etc.

PRESSING STATS- Limited to 300 copies (100 clear vinyl/200 black). Hand Silk Screened covers, digital down code.

REVIEW- Collective Zine-Seventeen tracks of ultra-fast, ultra-miserable hardcore from Buffalo here. Blasting and airless for the most part, the overriding vibe for me is of some early 80s hc act playing with the vicious speed and precision of Hellnation or Capitalist Casualties. Amid the straight-up thrashings you get a bunch of neat bass fills, the occasional slower groove and, in tracks like 'Nostalgia', 'Past Results' and 'Unanswered' surprising and often incredibly brief changes of tack or tempo that make you stop, turn your head and go back for another look. Penultimate track 'Full Human Experience' perhaps exemplifies what Resist Control are all about, mixing righteous speed, snaggly undercurrents and punch-drunk lurches to the side into one two-minute whirlwind. It's cool stuff overall, and while I'd personally like to see a bit more room made for the inventive/difficult parts in the future I'm certainly more than satisfied with what I've got for now.