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Complaints and Riots we Should Leave to Cats



CAGES- COMPLAINTS AND RIOTS WE SHOULD LEAVE FOR CATS- Another installment in a series of live audio collages for this Buffalo NY based dou. This cassette has 5 songs in roughly 40 minutes. Filled with wildly intriguing noisey pop, lush clatter, improv smash & bash and wild cascading vocalizations. Fans of artist like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, BJORK, David Behram, John Cage, BOREDOMS, CRASS, Laurie Anderson should take note. One half of the CAGES duo is also a member of the mighty progressive HC band GAS CHAMBER.

PRESSING STATS- 100 Pro-dubbed cobalt cassette, full color cover, silk screened slip cover, sticker, and digital download

REVIEW-Collective- Zine: If you like messed up folk music you might like Cages. Noisy and haunting, this tape consists of five songs over forty minutes, all recorded live to a good sound quality from what I believe is two sets. Bjork springs to mind the most with Nola Ranallo's intense vocals, whilst Dave Bailey is at the helm making an array of noises. Track two is a highlight, as Nola accentuates over simple ambience, though it goes on for too long, especially when she starts shrieking. This is sort of the pattern from then on - some neat ideas overdone. They end on a high though, with the five minute 'I Saw The Light'; gentle ambience and soft vocals build up well but at last it is kept simple and effective.