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Power Animal System Methods



JASON MARTIN- POWER ANIMAL SYSYTEM METHODS 12" LP- Martin has been creating amazing music, visual and video art since he was small child, when Jason started the seminal art noise punk band THE BROWN CUTS NEIGHBORS in the late 1980's. Since then Jason has gone on to write and record many releases under various names and has lead and participated in countless visual and video art shows, performances and installations.The POWER ANIMAL SYSTEM METHODS LP combines the species and gender queer trans-missional-dimensional themes of Jason's visual performance art and merges it perfectly with his amazingly crafted and unforgettable pop tunes, folk tales of inter-dimensional space travel, laser gun battles, fringe cut-80's era bikinis, personal stories of love, loss, shame, cross-speices romance, inner power and self-preservation. Jason Martin is alive, long live Wolf-man Jason! Jason was once slated to open a handful of arena shows for Lady Gaga, until she broke her hip and cancelled the tour...seriously I am not kidding!

PRESSING STATS- First pressing limited to 300 copies, 100 Blue Vinyl and 200 on Black Vinyl. Includes digital download with bonus tracks not on the LP.

REVIEW- Collective Zine-Straight off the bat the first song reminds me of Sean Na Na, or maybe a sprinkle of Lou Reed, but then it later drops into some nice post punk funky business, like a more minimal !!! style, this styling continues throughout the record - art folk mixes into art funk. I'm guessing he is from New York, because a definite New York art rock feel to it, but catchy at the same time.
I believe this is part of an art project, and this guy has been doing this art/music for many years, previously with The Brown Cuts Neighbors. So although this is enjoyable enough, I wonder if it would be better in the form of a live performance, I believe it's all half animal/half human from another dimension, so like Bojack Horseman, but from another dimension. I think you can work that out. I really enjoyed the first song on the second side Power Poodle, but I do feel the second side drops in interest for me anyway. It's not bad by any means, it just doesn't hold the interest as well as side one did for me, it feels a little flatter and not as oddball as the first side, they is a great organ bit in the last song 'My Blank Pages'. Stand out tracks are 'Wolf People', and 'Let Me Go Help Please', great weirdo art rock. Its deffo worth a listen, but if you could see it live that's certainly what I would be the most interested in.

REVIEW- I Buy Too Many Record-Every so often someone will send me a record to review and when I open it up, I'm just not sure what to make of it. That was definitely my reaction when I received this Jason Martin LP. Maybe I'm guilty of judging records by their cover from time to time, but when you present me with a dog in a power suit, I'm going to be grasping at what to expect. The only thing I figured was that the record would probably be weird. It doesn't disappoint in that regard. Power Animal System Methods is definitely weird, but not really in a bad way. It's assembled in a ramshackle sort of way that reminds me of the carefree indie rock days of the 90's. Maybe Silver Jews meets Ween? There's certainly some pretty decent pop songs on the album like "Wolf People" and "My Blank Pages." Though there's also quite a few off kilter wacky songs with odd time signatures and kooky noises in the background. It's not a bad record at all and at times it's pretty good for the sort of thiNG that Jason Martin seems to be going for. I can't imagine it is something I would listen to all that often, but you certainly can't say it's boring.