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Advice From Yama



GAS CHAMBER-ADVICE FROM YAMA Cassette- An infinitely long cycle of recordings presented in the C-60 format, demonstrating the evolution of one song, with supplemental materials. In 2005, Running For Cover was writing for a split LP with The Endless Blockade, thus the genesis of “Modern Vision”. Several years later, Gas Chamber made the decision to re-initiate its development, recorded a preliminary attempt with Mr. Ski-Mask in 2008, and later the 13-minute 7” with five members. More work culminated in a 30-minute "Modern Vision" performed by eight members, two levels underground on the Amherst St. Metro Station subway platform, a few feet from passing trains. Advice From Yama collects these as well as from the unreleased 2013 demo, Hemorrhaging Light outtakes, and the third iteration of “Light Trapped”.
Advice From Yama Cassette is $5.00 plus $3.00 shipping (In the continental USA)= $8.00. STOCK ON THIS ITEM IS EXTREMELY LOW AND THERE ARE NO PLANS FOR IT TO BE PRESSED AGAIN.

PRESSING STATS- dubbed Cobalt cassette, silk screened slip cover, digital download code, sticker. Limited to 200 copies first pressing.
REVIEW- The Daily Public -Advice from Yama, the latest album from Buffalo-based experimental noise-metal band Gas Chamber is a nightmarish lo-fi metal-scape. Breaking through noise passages with violent lo-fi metal blast beats and blood curdling vocals, Advice From Yama is the equivalent of a found footage horror film viewed on a grainy VHS tape. Much of the album, tracks like “White” and “Modern Vision (2008)” feel like a secret glimpse into a hellish dimension not originally meant for human consumption.