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Kinds of Light



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UNIFORM OPERATOR- KINDS OF LIGHT Cassette- Kinds of Light is Uniform Operator's first extended collection of recorded songs, in which the band continues in the "loud and noisy is always a good idea" direction. Gnarled guitars, profusely distorted bass, and riotous rhythmic pummeling, Uniform Operator travels down a dense and turbulent trail of musical hurly burly. Some say its got a late 90's/early 2000's post hardcore/indie thing happening, some called it "noise rock"..... we call it a steal with 12 songs in roughly 35 minutes for $5.00. EX- members of JIHAD, Hail Mary, Inside Five Minutes, JBA.....-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PRESSING STATS- 100 Pro dubbed cassette with handcut/Silk screened slip cover and digital download.

UNIFORM OPERATOR- KINDS OF LIGHT Cassette- $8.00. This price includes shipping costs in the continental USA. ($5.00 plus $3.00 shipping). For information on shipping outside the USA contact us at
REVIEW-This is outstanding – aggressive melodic punk in that way the more assertive SUGAR or BOB MOULD solo stuff comes off. The production just nails that fine line between polished and retaining a rough edge which allows you to hear everything but it does vaporize the power. Honestly, it’s insane to me how good this is – the song writing, the production, the riffing, just everything is so perfect. How is this just a tape? (RAZORBLADES & ASIPRIN ZINE)

Matt LaQue has been in a zillion bands and all of them are quality. He just has a knack for coming up with great riffs, wonderful melodies, and lots of songs. Uniform Operator is another of his bands, hailing from Buffalo, NY. If you were to take Superchunk at their most rag tag and noisy, along with Matt’s vocals, which are a dead ringer for Mac McCaughan, and then add a truckload of grimey bass guitar you get the basis for Uniform Operator. It’s a wonderful formula, what with short songs with lots of singing, crazy catchy riffs, and a lot of energy. Here and there their bassist (whom is only listed as ‘Sam’) takes over vocals and brings a more old-school/East Bay pop-punk kind of a feel to a few of the tracks. The first half of these dozen songs totally slay. And around the halfway point things lose a bit of steam, but pick back up with “The Red & the Black” (again, Superchunk vibes galore) and “What Action Does” (which, to me, sounds like Burning Airlines at their most aggressive), and closes out with the upbeat rocker “Is There Anyone?” A definite good use of just over half an hour of your time. (HEX BLOG)