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SOKEA PISTE- VALIKASI 12" LP- This is the US pressing of the second LP from these purveyors of Finnish dark noisy punk. Angular and jarring rhythms with complex yet earworm-ingly catchy melodies and hooks, SOKEA PISTE creates their own unique musical clatter that cannot be ignored. Landing somewhere in the realms of Rudimentary Peni, Mission of Burma, and Steel Pole Bath Tub, SOKEA PISTE’s use of discordant minor keys and dueling guitar melodies creates a layered and rich chaos that panics listeners sense of well being. Enjoy feeling uneasy.

PRESSING STATS- Limited to 300 copies (200 black/100 orange vinyl). Full Color covers, digital down code.

REVIEW- Suburban Voice- Uplifting sounds from Sokea Piste on their second album. OK, not so uplifting. In fact, if you read the English translations of the songs, it paints quite the bleak picture. The ravages of a "market-based" economy and how it results in not viewing those victimized by such systems as human beings. And that's just on the first song although it's a running theme throughout this album. Dark is an overused term for musical descriptions but the musical mood is certainly overcast. Sokea Piste don't choose to create a moribund ambiance, though. Strong and sturdy songs with a Killing Joke-ish flair mixed with punk and hardcore where necessary. "Samassa Veneessä" ("In The Same Boat") stands out, with a fired-up riffing and pounding tribal drum patterns for part of the song and that recurs throughout. Dragging on occasion but this band's moodiness is mainly an asset.